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Cyrah's Ascent 

*THIS PROJECT IS STILL IN DEVELOPMENT* These images are screenshots from the current game that I am helping develop. I am the Level Artist on the team.I also assisted with lighting and asset creation. 

Cyrah’s Ascent is a 3D ranged action combat game that focuses on giving the player plenty of mobility options and ranged attacks to deal with several different enemies.


No Return

A scene inspired by "The Last of Us Part 2." The ending of the game left me with this beautiful, yet somber feeling. I wanted to try and capture that in my own way, This scene is about a person who traveled with this guitar in a post apocalyptic world. They set the Guitar down after hearing a disturbance and never came back. 

Secret Ritual


A scene inspired by the Hive and Vex in the "Destiny" franchise. The Hive have carved out this underground cavern that they took over from the Vex. This location acts as a ritual to revive the next Hive God.


Secluded Haven 

A scene made for a 10-week CGMA course taught by Naughty Dog Environment Artist Anthony Vaccaro. This scene was inspired by the Pacific Northwest and the sense of adventure that the wilderness brings. While out for a relaxing trip on their canoe, this person finds themselves caught in a rapid water current and crashed down a waterfall leading to this secluded cave. What lies inside?

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